Puerto Penasco Mexico - "Things to try While in Rocky Point"


ATV Rentals: ATV rental distributors are scattered throughout Rocky Point. Remember that ATVs are not allowed on beaches, within city limits or on the main streets of Fremont Blvd. or Benito Juarez Blvd. Always wear helmets and no more than 2 riders per ATV. Riders must be at least 16 and the speed limit is 15-25 mph! Remember the same rules apply as if you were driving your car, do not drink and drive, don't pass on the right, Stop at all stop signs (many locals don't) so drive on the defensive and abide all signs...


CEDO: Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans,  is a great place to take the kids and explore the desert and sea in a way you never have before. Come explore some the world finest tide pools. Engage in scientific research. Bring your school class or other group for an exciting educational opportunity. Or join us for an outdoor adventure in the sea or on the desert. - Click here to Visit CEDO


Cetmar Aquariums: The Center for Technological Sea Studies and Aqua Culture is a great place to visit. View octopus, or feed the sea turtles and sea lions. It is a fun and inexpensive activity all your family will enjoy! Located just before the entry into Las Conchas subdivision.


Eating: Explore the many great restaurants & bars Rocky Point has to offer. Check Out Meets & Eats on this website for more information.


El Pinacate National Park: The newest tourest destination is the El Pinacate National Park - The Pinacate Reserve and the abutting Gran Desierto de Altar Reserve are less than a day's drive from the U.S.-Mexico border. 


Fishing: Many Local companies offer many different boating services. I have used 2 and recommend them both. The Poncho Villa owner (Ray Ramirez) and Seafari Land & Sea owner (lea Lubeck) besides offering some of the best fishing spots in Puerto Penasco, both Companies offer trips to Bird Island where you can watch and swim with dolphins & sea lions.


Golf : You now have 2 beautiful courses to play and enjoy in Rocky Point. Las Palomas Resort located on Sandy Beach and at the beautiful Mayan Palace Resort and Spa East of town.


Horseback Riding:  You can often find someone to rent horses from on the beach in front of the Plaza Las Glorias Hotel.  Ride with caution but have a great time going up and down the beach.Riding is available for all levels, and a variation of prices.


Jet Ski Rentals: Convenient beach side vendors will assist in providing you with an exciting wave runner. Riding the waves is one of the most popular activities in Rocky Point. Expect to pay $50-$75 per hour.


Para-Sailing: Take off and land from the boat. Experience a world away from the ground below with a para-sailing adventure check out panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert and Rocky Point shoreline 800 feet in the air. Visit Lobo Del Mar for para-sail rides.  www.lobodelmar.com


Sandy Beach: This is one of the best beaches in the area to explore. Walk the shoreline, sunbathe, or take a dip in the water.

Scuba Diving: Explore the Sea of Cortez with Seafari Land & Sea. Local Business owner (Lea Lubeck) and her crew are experienced certified trainers that can help you make the best out of your diving experience. with boat charters, scuba diving, snorkeling and more!


Shopping:  There are many great shopping areas in Rocky Point. One you may have heard about is the Cholla Bay Mall or Shacks 5Th avenue. While heading out to Cholla Bay or Sandy Beach take the old Cholla Bay Rd. from (Benito Juarez) and you will drive right through it. Remember you also have shops downtown in the Malocon area or Old Port and also in the marina area.


SPA: Want to treat yourself to a day at the Spa.. then you must try Sonoran Spa Resort located on Sandy Beach and also Brio Spa & Body Care at the beautiful Mayan Palace Resort and Spa just East of town.


Sunset Cruise:  here are a few companies that offer Sunset cruises in Rocky Point. Del Mar Charters also Santiago Ocean Services and one of the local favorites the Pancho Villa these boats are slipped near Balboa's Restaurant in the marina (just 2 blocks from 13Th street. please check out there sites for availability and times.


Ultra Lite Rides: Fly with up to 4 experienced pilots as they whisk you up and down the  sandy coast and shiny blue waters of the Sea of Cortez experience the ultimate thrill ride in Puerto Penasco. View Photos