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“I Am Your Rocky Point Real Estate Agent"

Starting May 1, 2016, I will be implementing a new campaign to give back to my fellow Clients New and Old who have supported and who will continue to support Me, my Family and my Real Estate Career here in Puerto Penasco for many years to come…I will give back 1% of my Sales Commission to both my Buyer(s) and Seller(s) When they use me and my Realty Services to buy or sell real estate here in Mexico.  (SELLING) to qualify for the 1% Discount on Listings…The property must be listed with me using my Real Estate Services…when one of my Clients/Buyer’s purchase one of my Listings using my Realty Services I will reduce the commission paid to me by 1% off the agreed upon rate at which time the property was listed...potentially saving my Seller(s) Hundreds if not $1000’s of Dollars off the selling of their home. (BUYING) to qualify...when my Buyer/Client purchases any property using my Realty Services listed with me here in Puerto Penasco, Mexico I will apply 1% of the purchase price of the property to your closing costs at the Close of Escrow. Also saving my Buyer(s) Hundreds if not $1000’s on the purchase of their new home or Condo here in Rocky Point.


Example: Purchasing one of my listings for $200,000 the seller will save 1% on his Brokerage Commission OR $2,000.00, the buyer will also receive 1% OR $2,000.00 Cash towards their Closing costs at C.O.E…the higher the property the more the Seller saves and the Buyer receives towards their Closing Costs. This program is sure to benifit all MY Buyers and Sellers when they use my Real Estate Services to purchase or sell their Real Estate here in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

(Discounts are Based on Sales Price, Above Mentioned Criteria and a Successful C.O.E this offer Excludes Referring Agents)


  • 30 Plus Years Customer Service and Sales
  • 16 Solid Years in Real Estate (Past 8 Years Here in Rocky Point)
  • Highly Knowledgeable of the Mexico Real Estate Market
  • Residential, Commercial, Land and Long Terms Rentals
  • Knowledgeable of the Mexican Real Estate Laws
  • Full time Resident in Mexico
  • Full Time and Full Service Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Amazing Customer Service Before During and After your Sale!
  • Great Website Presents, URL and Social Media
  • Honest, Dependable and Hard Working Realtor 
  • And Much More!


Please Call Me for ALL your Real Estate needs and to Start Saving $$$ Today!   

John Walz

Rocky Point Realty Group

Puerto Penasco, Mexico


Rocky Point Real Estate - John Walz - Realtor

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Rocky Point Real Estate - John Walz - Realtor

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Rocky Point Real Estate - John Walz - Realtor

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